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Commercial Cleaning Calculator

Commercial Cleaning Calculator

Technology has played a key role in the advancement of performance across a wide spectrum of businesses. The way we communicate, the products and services we use, and our expectations from vendors have changed dramatically. And while a majority of businesses have embraced this technology, Commercial cleaning calculator for the commercial cleaning industry appears to have a slow and inconsistent adoption.

This is not surprising as the industry tends to be fragmented with a significant share of the market belonging to small, independent cleaning companies who continue to use the same techniques and equipment that they have relied on for so many years. This is further exasperated by the fact that many customers tend to dismiss cleaning as a science and simply rely on price to make their vendor choices.

Unfortunately, the result is that many businesses overpay for the actual services they receive and more times than not, the facilities are not being cleaned adequately or consistently. While it's understandable that the cleaning companies are expected to keep their equipment and methods up to date, some insight into the latest developments will help facility and property managers get the most value for their ever-shrinking budgets while improving the overall health and appearance of the facility.

For a deeper dive into overall pricing for Commercial cleaning calculator, let's examine the mandatory variables that all credible commercial cleaning companies must account for:

** Labor
** Insurance
** Equipment
** Supplies
** Overhead

Labor is by far the largest share of the overall cost of cleaning a commercial facility and insurance tends to track labor as a percentage of payroll making the sensitivity to labor even greater. In fact, labor holds the key for determining pricing of any contract cleaning agreement and will be our focus for this whitepaper. From a practical perspective, labor costs can be lowered by reducing the hourly wages of employees, but that tends to result in underperforming employees with low service quality and high turnover which costs much more in poor service, retraining costs, and HR overhead.

Another way to adjust labor is to make changes to the actual number of hours allocated to a particular cleaning job. Of course, many cleaning companies will indiscriminately make these adjustments in their bids without any justification for such changes. The classic result is a new cleaning service that gives you a great price and starts strong, but eventually trails off that performance to meet the price point that was bid.

The alternative approach which can reduce labor while improving long-term cleaning performance is to leverage technologies that can, first, calculate labor-cost drivers for a facility and second, improve productivity with more efficient cleaning. The net result is a higher level of quality with lower labor demands. While there are a number of technologies to speak of, we will focus on the following:

** Work loading Software
** Microfiber Technology
** High Power HEPA Filtered Backpack Vacuums
** Work loading Software

Work loading software is designed to help building service contractors estimate the total man-hours required to perform the cleaning according to very specific tasks and frequencies. While it's always handy and convenient to have a rule-of-thumb for estimating based solely on square footage, this simplistic approach does not provide the accuracy to fine tune cleaning tasks and frequencies that can help drive down estimated labor and achieve a realistic lower price.

Work loading software allows cleaning professional to create custom cleaning programs that are compose of well characterized, specific cleaning tasks and frequencies. By understanding how space is used within a facility, the workload software can accurately assess and calculate the total amount of time required on a recurring and periodic basis to complete the specified tasks

Start off by remembering that you are in business to make a profit and earn a living. Sometimes the tendency is to price our services low in order to get our foot in the door. Pricing your services too low may mean you will end up working for very little per hour. And more importantly, will have little left over to reinvest in the growth of your company. There are cleaning companies that charge more than others and have all the work they can handle and there are companies that have lower fees yet are struggling to find work! Don't sell yourself short or you will not be able to earn a living off your cleaning business.

You will most likely be charging your customers a monthly price and you will need to figure that price by estimating how long it will take to perform the services that your client has requested. The more productive you or your employees are, the higher the hourly production rate of Commercial cleaning calculator. If you're able to clean 3,500 square feet per hour, your profit will be higher than if you're only able to clean 2,500 square feet per hour, so adjust your price accordingly.

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