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Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square Meter

Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square Meter

Franchising opportunities provide one of the most dynamic concepts of entrepreneurship in the modern era. It is considered by many as the supreme antidote to the financial security of an economy where the franchisees and the franchisor, both win. The benefits of this unique combination are then transferred to the public. Commercial cleaning franchising offers a unique opportunity to focus on one of the most overlooked segments of the society.

Commercial Cleaning Statistics

The commercial cleaning industry holds over 100 billion in contracts and operates commercial cleaning rates per square meter 25,000 franchised units and more than half a million small operators. A cleaning management survey revealed that the office buildings account for almost 53 percent of the total commercial cleaning industry. Other cleaning sectors get an even market share that includes residential, school, stores, hospitals and hotels. According to a recent survey, service providing industries will supply 96 percent of the wage paying jobs during the next five years. Similarly, job outlook for the industry is positive for the next decade. Janitorial and commercial cleaning services will be among the fastest growing sectors.

Famous Franchises

There are many good commercial franchises to choose from. We are the world's largest commercial franchise with over 12,500 franchises in 120 countries. It was named as the 3rd low cost franchise and the 7th fastest growing franchise, among all franchise companies, by the entrepreneur magazine. In fact the magazine has rated it the number one commercial cleaning franchise, nine years in a row. It has seen incredible and constant growth over a long period of time. In fact, it is the fastest growing large commercial franchise. The company has over 9000 franchises serving 50,000 customers.

Advantages of a Franchise

Whatever you do and whoever you choose the advantage of owning a commercial cleaning franchise is that you are buying an idea that is already successful. You should know that the management and the support are ready to help you and small business loans are readily available for franchising opportunities. It is a fact that franchise businesses don't falter easily. Historical studies from SBA have revealed that only 5 to 6 percent of the franchise business closes in first year as compared to 62 percent new businesses.

Your Options

The very first thing that you should do when buying a commercial cleaning franchise is to collect the terms of agreements from the perspective franchises. Due to the high insurance and costly lawsuits, a few franchises charge their operators a hefty annual fee. You should also take your time and visit the facilities of the franchises. It is also important to visit the head office and interview the representatives.

Note down the qualities and drawbacks of every franchise. Evaluate each cleaning franchise and then compare it with your intended goals. Another important and probably the most essential aspect to consider, when looking for a commercial cleaning franchise, are to look for a brand that has the most marketable image. When it comes to commercial cleaning, institutions and offices prefer a relationship with a recognized leader in its area. Happy hunting!

It is important to keep your workplace clean, whether you run an office, a factory or a school. Cleanliness and good hygiene can help to improve the workplace for visitors and employees, and certain standards of cleanliness are actually a legal requirement in many commercial spaces. However, different types of cleaners are available for commercial cleaning, namely in-house cleaners or external contracted cleaners. Here is some additional information about the pros and cons of each type of cleaning staff:

In-house cleaners

If you have in-house cleaners, you will have the maximum amount of flexibility over when these people do their work shifts. Whilst external contractors will try to accommodate your needs whenever possible, they may also have additional commitments with other companies which they need to work around. One of the major issues is that in-house cleaning jobs often have a high turnover commercial cleaning rates per square meter, as people use these roles as stop gap jobs.

This can mean that you have to train and re-train staff regularly, to ensure that they meet the standards which you require for your workplace. If you hire cleaners directly, you will also have to take care of all of the important workplace legislation which surrounds the employment of personnel. Dealing with this type of legislation can cost much-needed money and man hours.

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