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Janitorial Services Companies For Hire

Janitorial Services Companies For Hire

If you're a business owner you've got about a hundred different things going through your mind each day. The last thing you want to have to think about is cleaning your office. Luckily there are companies that can provide you with professional Janitorial services companies for hire, which will allow that old cerebral cortex to dwell on more important matters.

Why, other than the obvious, would you hire a professional janitorial service? Well not only would they provide you with a high level of cleaning they would also offer you peace of mind. The kind you would get from knowing that something seemingly banal yet so important to your company is in the hands of trained individuals. With a janitorial service you get professionals individuals with professional equipment and the training to use them properly. You also get a regular schedule so that you know when your cleaning will take place on a consistent basis.

And these services are so much more than just a vacuum and some dusting. Janitorial services companies for hire offer everything from the standard vac and dust to restroom cleaning, stripping/waxing floors, parking lot maintenance, and lawn care. They even offer services such as ac filter replacement, recycling, light bulb cleaning and replacement, and even cleaning the windows of a high rise. These companies offer nearly every aspect of cleaning and maintenance that you can think of.

Investing in the cleanliness of your office, storefront or facility is a smart idea for growing businesses. Cleaner facilities have been shown to boost employee morale, cut the number of sick days used and even increase productivity. Yet business owners face a range of choices on the market, from local individuals offering cleaning services to major nationwide companies. It's important to begin the search with a few critical elements in mind. Here are four factors companies should bear in mind when selecting a janitorial services company.

Uses a systematic approach to cleaning: There are a number of choices in the commercial cleaning market, from sole practitioners with their own firms to large branded companies. Your best choice is somewhere in the middle: large enough to offer systematic approaches to cleaning and small enough to offer excellent, local customer service. A systematic approach to cleaning is a professional evaluation that takes several factors of your facility into account when estimating and planning your job. A custom plan is designed around your square footage, cleaning needs, timelines, and more to decrease wasted time and supplies. It controls costs and helps make sure that your facility is cleaned to your exact specifications every time.

Focuses on customer service: Customer service is a critical piece of a hands-on business such as commercial cleaning services. Modern cleaning companies may offer an online customer portal that enables you to see your cleaning plan, check the status of services rendered, and quickly contact the company with requests or concerns. Any concerns should be addressed within one business day. Hire a cleaning service that offers easy, ongoing access to a manager, account executive, or customer service representative as well as through email and phone. A cleaning company that takes customer service seriously is a great partner for growing businesses.

Offers ongoing inspections and attention to detail: Companies that use systematic cleaning plans and checklists are more likely to have positive, repeatable results. One of the best ways to ensure these results is consistent training and documentation that's shared with whomever is onsite cleaning your property. The end results of each cleaning will meet your standards. The best cleaning plans and checklists should showcase an attention to the minute details that create a sparkling clean environment. Your cleaning company should offer regular management inspections to make sure that performance is up to company standards.

Incorporates green products wherever possible: In today's world, exposure to harsh chemicals is nearly unavoidable. However, the best companies will offer a green cleaning option (or use green cleaning supplies as their default). Green cleaning supplies have several advantages. They'll help minimize exposure to harsh cleaners for your staff, your customers, and yourself. They're also less likely to aggravate the conditions of employees and customers with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Choosing a janitorial services provider is an important addition to your business. A clean office or work facility will help increase sales and improve employee productivity. Select a company that prioritizes customer service, offers smart plans for how to clean your building, and uses green cleaning supplies. The right commercial cleaning company for your business is one investment that you'll never regret.

So how would one go about hiring a professional janitorial service? Well the obvious answers would be to consult your local yellow pages or try an Internet search. But the first thing you want to do is figure out what type of services you need. This will help eliminate some of your prospects. For example, if you are in a high rise, you would obviously want the company that has that daredevil window cleaner who like to hang from a seat 10 stories in the air. This is an extreme example but you see the point. Hire the company that offers the services that you require.

Once you've got your shortlist made you probably want to do a little homework on each company. Look for certifications and ask for references. Make sure they are associated with organizations such as BSCAI, CMI, or IFMA. Check out the facilities of their other clients and ask for opinions. Check to see if they have experience cleaning other businesses like yours. For example, if you are in the medical field you may want a company that has experience with hazardous waste disposal and knowledge of safety procedures for those types of cleanups.

Have your prospective companies write you a proposal. This will outline the services you should expect and at what price. If a company will not offer you a written proposal than you might want to consider looking elsewhere. Figure out if you need a long-term or short-term contract. You may need both, one for daily upkeep areas and one for areas that might not need so much attention.

These few tips should get you started with finding the right Janitorial services companies for hire for your business. Remember that even though it is important to use this article as a guideline, you still want to follow your gut. If a company just doesn't sit right with you for one reason or another don't use them. There are plenty of janitorial service companies out there and one of them is the right one for you.

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