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Commercial Office CleaningWhen thinking about hiring cleaners for your offices, whether it is a small business needing a once-a-week service or a large corporate requiring frequent and varied Office Cleaning In Melbourne, there are several aspects to take into consideration. Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is a mandatory requirement for any commercial business today. Beyond providing a safe and healthy place of work for your employees, the cleanliness of your office is also a marked reflection of your business for clients, colleagues and visitors.

What services does the company offer? What is the best time for the cleaners to work to fit in with the workflow of the office? How does the cleaning company bill for its services if it is multi-location contract? What type of products is used in these environmentally aware times? Are cleaning levels consistent and maintained?

Security considerations not only cover access to your premises, but also document security and staff belongings. Procedures are required on the sides of both parties. For example, when it comes to cleaning desks. It is not always appropriate for each staff member to leave a desk completely clear during a project. So an agreement is reached that whenever a desk is clear and empty of paper – it has to be cleaned.

How our Commercial Office Cleaning In Melbourne service works:

1. Once you’ve touched base with us by requesting a quote, our Business Development Manager will arrange a time to meet with you at your office to get a comprehensive picture of your office cleaning requirements.

2. We’ll formulate a proposal based on a cleaning plan formulated especially for you.

3. If you’re happy to proceed, you’ll be allocated a dedicated site supervisor, who will induct our operatives into your office building and ensure they’re clear on what needs to be done and when.

4. From there, the communication lines are open at all times and, with the support of your Area Manager and the State Operations Manager.

Commercial Office CleaningUsually a checklist will be used for each location, for example, in a reception area additional care may be needed as this is the first point of contact for the company. Suggestions for a cleaning checklist could include: change water in vases, water plants, clean sills, vacuum blinds, dust pictures, remove cobwebs, dust light fixtures and so on.

It makes sense that a clean and tidy office makes for a more productive environment and regular office cleaning, particularly of equipment such as phones, computer keyboards etc. You can easily catch a bug or the flu from other people who handle your telephone and computer. Maintain good hygiene by using an anti-bacterial spray and a soft cloth to sanitize surfaces regularly.

Remember when cleaning delicate electrical equipment to take proper safety precautions. Look for the office cleaning company that suits your requirements best in terms of timing. It may be that a lot of your staff work late so an early morning cleaning team would be more appropriate and vice versa.

Whether you have a home office, or commute to a large building downtown, keeping a clean working environment is of the utmost importance. While you certainly have the capability to hire someone to provide and office cleaning service for you, there are a few tricks to help you tidy up during the in between times. In this article, we will outline a few tips to help you out.

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